Absolutely Flat-bulous!

It is common knowledge that the following high heel combinations are not ideal: high heels and ice, high heels and uneven ground, high heels and grass, high heels and running, etc., point taken, yes? It can easily be a land mine when you’re wearing high heels and rushing to or from work. To save yourself a sprained ankle and skinned knees, keep your heels stored away until you’re at work and have cleared the land mine. Instead, wear a pair of work appropriate flats while you’re in transit. Choose a classic pair or try the newest trend this season. Either way, it’s a win-win!

Rodney Pointy Toe d'Orsay Flat

Rosalie Flat

Kenzie Slingback Flat

Not sure how to wear flats and still look polished? Stay tuned for our next blog!