Chicwish Review

So, who else has been thinking about ordering from Chicwish but hasn’t because of skepticism? Skepticism that customer service will be a headache or the quality will disappoint? I can’t say how many times I’ve seen ads for Chicwish and thought how cute the outfit in the ad looked but ultimately was hesitant to order.

Chicwish offers indie designs in women’s apparel—think skirts, tops, dresses, and yes, even outerwear with their teams working out of the USA, UK and Asia. According to their website:

“Chicwish traces its beginnings back to the original idea: wish to cater the young generation with a distinct sense of chic style, while keeping with our great quality and affordability. We appreciate vintage-inspired and handmade collections, while establishing our online store as a mecca for those who with an eye for fun fashion.”

After doing a search for reviews of Chicwish, I was surprised to find that reviews were numerous (ranging in the hundreds) and overall good. That sealed the deal for me.

My first order (Yes, I ordered more than once. I tell myself it’s to assess consistency in quality but it’s probably more likely that I couldn’t resist! 😊) comprised of three cropped tops shown below.

Photos via Chicwish

Cost: Pricing for long sleeve tops ranged from $30s to over $80s. Short sleeve tops ranged from $30s to $50s. Dresses go from anywhere between high $30s to low $80s. Skirts ranged from high $20s to low $60s. Outerwear had a vast range from high $30s to $110. Each of the three tops I ordered ranged from $30s to $40s.

In addition to the cost of your purchase, don’t be surprised to find an added cost of $1.66 foreign transaction fee from your credit card as the merchandise is shipped internationally.

Delivery: Delivery was received as expected with no visible damage to packaging and none to the merchandise inside. Each item was individually wrapped in plastic and shipped in a plastic shipping envelop.

Quality and Representation: I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the quality of every item I purchased was more than I expected. Call me jaded but I had ordered my items with a seed of doubt that the quality would live up to the reviews I had read online. True to word, the quality was great! I didn’t see any loose threads or hastily sewn lines. The fabric was thick, the fit was good and the sizing was just right. I didn’t have to worry about my white top being too thin. Yay!

The merchandise received looked exactly like what was pictured online—to my great relief!

Verdict: Overall, I would recommend Chicwish if you’re after the unique pieces that indie designs are so well-known for. I was greatly satisfied with my purchase. Bottomline, I would order again from Chicwish (and I did! 😊).