Five Flattering Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Did I mention I love scarves?! Over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of scarves. Naturally, I took full advantage of my collection by trying different methods of styling my scarves. You may be surprised what a scarf can do to an outfit. Yes, it’s true, there are more ways to wear a scarf than I can count on my fingers. My current love is the blanket scarf. Not only is it great for keeping my neck and chest warm but it looks fabulous! I also love that it can double as my blanket when I'm traveling. At my petite size, blanket scarves may seem daunting; however, don’t let that stop you from at least trying it first before you write it off! Here are my favorite flattering styles for wearing a blanket scarf.

Belted Shawl: Two Styles

Open your blanket scarf completely. As you can see, it's just about my size!

Fold the scarf in half to the shape of a triangle.

Wrap the scarf around your shoulders and bring the tails to the front. Keep the shawl in place with a belt as shown below.

Change up the belted shawl look by playing with the symmetry and location of the belt buckle.

I moved the buckle off to the side and wrapped one end of the shawl across my chest to create a cascading tail at my hip. Love this look!

Here's one more look at that style!

Handkerchief: Two Styles

After you've folded your scarf in half, roll up the scarf and place it on around your neck like a handkerchief.

Cross the tails around the back of your neck and bring them over your shoulders to the front.

You can choose to let the tails rest on each side or tie them in a single knot underneath the handkerchief.

Final look with tails tied underneath.

The Back Tuck

Bring one tail over your shoulder, making sure that tail crosses over the tail that will stay in the back, creating a back tuck of that tail.

Back tuck view.