Five Fresh Ways to Wear Your Hair

When we think of spring, we think of rebirth and renewal. Perhaps because of that every spring we want to freshen up our living quarters, our wardrobes, our career outlook, our hair, etc. In our last blog, we introduced our favorite spring beauty looks. Regardless if you’ve chosen to freshen up your makeup repertoire or not, changing up your hair can also uplift your look and ultimately influence your mood. Let’s be realistic, a bad hair day can ruin any well-planned outfit and your mood for the rest of the day.

This spring, curl your hair a little differently or pin it a certain way. Maybe even try bangs! We’ve included our five favorite ways to wear your hair this spring. Enjoy!

Wrapped Half Up Style

This look by Missy Sue is a lovely twist to the classic half up, half down look from your younger years. The overall look is elevated by the wrap detail.

The Secret to EXTREME Volume Blowouts - with NO Frizz

That blowout you’ve been wanting but don’t want to spend the money on? Look no further. Ellebangs has some awesome tips for how to get the perfect blowout at home.

Easy Waves

Effortless waves are a great option when you want your hair style to last more than one day. We especially love the tips from The Small Things Blog.

Wispy Textured Bangs

Here’s a perfect way to wear your bangs. As stated by Harmonize Beauty in the video, please don’t cut your own bangs!

Sleek Low Ponytail

So, that sleek ponytail that looks so cool? Well, you can have it too! Watch this video for great tips from Claire Ashely. Who would have thought to use a toothbrush?! Genius!