How to Add Florals to Your Wardrobe

ASOS floral wiggle dress in petite paired with Ann Taylor necklace. Photo credit: Jean L Yang. Makeup credit: Kimberly Yang

Spring fever is in full swing! This is at least true for what’s trending with fashion if not for the weather. Every which way we turn, we are faced with floral this and floral that. At this point, you may very well be saying “ugh, another floral print.” However, instead of fighting it, embrace it. Don’t be too quick to disregard floral prints as they can work for you, not against you. Floral prints can add a touch or a healthy dose of feminism to any outfit (the decision is yours to make). I get it, on the one hand you worry about looking like a walking floral arrangement. The trick is to dress accordingly to your body shape to achieve the perfect look. If you’re not sure what body shape you are, visit our body shape table to find out (Body Shape Table).

Try these outfit suggestions for the perfect floral pairing.

Rectangle Body Shape:

· Peplum floral top and skinny jeans for a causal look

· Belted floral dress

· High-waisted floral pencil skirt and slightly cropped solid color top

Triangle Body Shape:

· Floral blazer and dark wash jeans for a causal look

· A-line floral dress

· Floral bell sleeve top and solid color tulip skirt

Hourglass Body Shape:

· Floral wrap shirt and skinny jeans for a causal look

· Floral wrap dress

· Structured floral blouse and solid color wide leg pants

Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

· Floral v-neck blouse and dark wash trouser jeans for a causal look

· Floral midi dress with lower neckline

· Floral pencil skirt and solid color v-neck blouse

Oval Body Shape:

· Floral blouse with scoop or square neckline and full or wide leg jeans for a causal look

· A-line floral dress

· Full floral skirt and solid color top with scoop or square neckline