How to Color Block Outfits with Confidence

Love it or hate it, color blocking is here to stay. I happen to LOVE it! It’s a great way to have fun with your outfits. We’ve seen it everywhere, but many still find it challenging to pair and wear. Color blocking is the use of two or more solid colors to create a bold and pleasing look. Understandably, it is an art. However, that’s not to say there aren’t any guidelines. Use the following tips to help you color block any outfit with confidence.

1. Use the color wheel to help you identify colors to pair.

  • Pair different tones of the same shade.

  • Pair similar colors, colors adjacent to one another.

  • Pair colors opposite of each other.

2. Keep it simple by avoiding prints.

3. Pair a neutral color with a bright color. Think nude and red.

4. Pair a chambray top with a bright bottom.

5. Choose a color block outfit off the rack. Take the guess work out by wearing an outfit already color blocked.

NIKKITA Tulip Bow Dress

Photo: Via Ted Baker London

6. Use accessories to your advantage. Yes, your accessories count! Throw on a red necklace with a neon pink shirt or turquoise colored earrings with a marigold dress.