How to Elevate Your Look in 2019

How often do you look in your closet and think, “I don’t have anything to wear?”. Do you find yourself admiring other women’s outfits and wishing you could look just as polished? Well you can! All it takes is getting two core principles right:

1. Buying clothes with the right fit for your body and

2. Mixing and matching pieces to get the maximum use out of your closet.

This month, we’ll be covering the core principles of elevating your look. Make sure to check back all month long to learn about buying for your body and how to mix and match pieces. Read on below to learn the basics about understanding your body type.

We all know that everyone has unique features when it comes to our bodies, yet we expect to look like others when shopping for clothes. For example, you see your colleague wearing an amazing dress and ask her where she bought it. You go and purchase the same exact dress but it doesn’t look the same on you as it did on her… why not? It’s because the shape of your body is not the same as hers, thus the dress fits you differently than it fits her. In order to look polished, you must first get your fit right.Without the right fit, it doesn’t matter how nice a dress, pair of pants, blouse, or suit might be, it still won’t look good on you unless it’s the right fit for you.

So how to do you find the right fit? First, you have to understand your body. You might be an hourglass figure but have a long torso and short legs, whereas someone else might also have an hourglass figure but have a short torso, long legs and long arms. The key is first understanding what features you have, which features to highlight and which ones to conceal. Once you’ve established your body features, you can focus on buying for your body. We guarantee this will making shopping a more efficient process – no more frustrated trips trying on clothes that never look quite right on you! Check back to find out about the most common body shapes and how to dress them.