How to Wear Yellow Confidently

Photo credit: Jean L Yang; Makeup credit: Kimberly Yang

With the promise of more sunshine during spring and summer, I couldn’t help but think about how I can wear yellow. Yellow is symbolic of fun, joy and warmth. What a perfect color to wear during spring and summer! In one of our previous blogs, Color Combinations for Your Spring Wardrobe, we recommended pairing yellow with light blue. This is but one of many color combinations for yellow. The pairing of yellow and black is classic and a safe bet. However, scroll through our color combinations below for inspirations that will pleasantly surprise you. Ohhh and did I mention, yellow works great with patterns as well?

Lastly, don’t forget accessories! If you’re shy about wearing yellow or feel it doesn’t complement your complexion, consider adding yellow accessories to your outfit, think—shoes, belts, earrings, bracelets, scarf and handbag.