Identifying Your Body Shape - Body Shape 1

We’ll let you know up front that we’re just not into using labels for the different body types. Quite frankly, we just aren’t fans of the labels that we were seeing. Many of them have negative connotations and just didn’t do justice in describing the beautiful bodies that each of us have. Instead, we are going to focus on describing five of the most common body shapes and showing you real life examples of individuals who have the body shape being discussed. The key here is to pay attention to the descriptions and see which features you have, then apply the tips recommended!

If you do a quick search on the internet, you’ll find there are many different body shapes. While twelve body shapes have been identified, we argue there are many, many more than just twelve because every body is different. We don’t all fit nice and neatly into categories and buckets, especially when it comes to the unique features of our bodies. However, there are some general characteristics that we have which we use to help identify ways we can draw attention to our more flattering features and ways to conceal those features we don’t want noticed. Buying for your body is very much an art, just as buying the right makeup and learning the right techniques can help accentuate and conceal certain facial features.

If you have:

a. Hips wider than your shoulders;

b. Fuller hips;

c. A waist that is wider than your bust; and

d. A fuller rear

then your style goal is to: (1) play with proportions to elongate your body and (2) focus on dressing the top half of your body to draw the eye upward by highlighting your waistline or neckline. Measure your shoulders, hips and waist to understand whether you have the characteristics described above. If so, the following recommendations will help you accomplish these two style goals.


  • Fitted or structured tops

  • Wide necklines, like boat necks and scoop necks (makes your shoulders seem a bit more broad and proportional to hips)

  • Cowl necks

  • Fitted around waist

  • Tops should be worn long to cover hips

  • Layer your tops to add bulk to your torso, then cinch in with a belt

  • Bell sleeves

  • Embellished tops (e.g., adornment near the neck)

  • Wear scarves (adds volume and dimension to your upper half)

  • Bright colors and prints (makes your shoulders and chest seem a bit broader)


  • A-line works best

  • Dropped and embellished necklines

  • Dramatic sleeves

  • Belted styles

  • Covered shoulders

  • A hemline that hits right below the knee is best as it elongates your body and make your hips and thighs appear more slender

  • Maxi dresses


  • Subtle and dark colors

  • Boot cut and flare

  • Floor grazing flare pant over heels

  • Dark wash jeans


  • A-line works best

  • Tulip skirt

  • Should hit the knee or ankle (no shorter than just above the knee)

  • Can wear skirts or dresses with ruffles or beading at the bottom hem (at knee or lower)


  • A-line and princess cuts

  • Waist-length jackets

  • Outerwear that hits mid-thigh

  • Boxy jackets/coats that are cropped


  • Jewelry is a must!

  • Statement or chunky necklaces that hit above the bust

  • For earrings, the bigger the better


  • Pointed toe (elongates your leg)

Here are some styles to stay away from:

  • Cropped tops

  • Tops that extend to mid-thigh

  • Light wash or medium wash jeans

  • Skinny pants or jeans

  • Tight fitting skirts or dresses

  • Pants, skirts or dresses that have any detail at the hip or rear

If today’s blog didn’t describe your body shape, check back for our next blog to see if the next body shape topic is yours!