Identifying Your Body Shape - Body Shape 2

If Body Shape 1 wasn’t your body shape, you might have Body Shape 2. If the below describes your body, your style goal is to make your silhouette look longer and to define your waistline:

  1. You hold most of your weight in the middle of your body

  2. Your shoulders bust and hips are around the same size

  3. You have no defined waistline.

Remember to measure your shoulders, hips and waist to understand whether you have the characteristics described above. If so, the following recommendations will help you accomplish these two style goals.


  • Square or scoop necked

  • Belted tops that flare at hip

  • Tailored tunic style tops that nip-in at the waist

  • Tunics with wide or plunging necks and details around the neck

  • Wrap tops with wide, deep V necks and simple sleeves

  • Engineered or block prints (such as dark side panels)

  • Darker colors on top

  • Wear scarves that drape down

  • Vertical lines, seams or stripes


  • A-line

  • Belted at waistline

  • Wrap dresses

  • Empire waist

  • Engineered or block prints (such as dark side panels)


  • Full or wide legs

  • Mid-rise waist with wide waistbands

  • Cargo pants with pronounced hip and rear pockets

  • Colorful or printed pants (with solid colored tops)


  • Fuller flowing skirts that skim away from your body (flared or bubble)

  • Straight skirts with a flared bottom

  • Colorful or printed skirts (with solid colored tops)


  • 2-piece suits where the blazer is tailored at the waist-line and is a lighter color than the blouse underneath

Here are some styles to stay away from:

  • Tucked in shirts

  • Small patterns (they emphasize large shapes)

  • Designs with horizontal stripes

  • Heavy pleating, ruffles or extra decorations around waistline or bust

  • Very fitted styles

  • Baggy pants

Let us know if you found these tips helpful! Check back next week for tips on Body Shape 3.