Pacsafe Women’s Citysafe CX Backpack Review

Photo via Pacsafe

Traveling light seems to be all the rage these days. By all accounts, it makes sense, and I couldn’t agree more. However, it’s much easier said than done. I had been on the lookout for a lightweight, versatile, stylish and affordable travel backpack for some time. After countless shopping excursions, I had yet to come across a bag I could say I loved. At any given time, I can have between three to five bags but not one would meet all my needs. Sounds familiar?

I was hesitant to add another mediocre bag to my expanding collection. However, I was not discouraged. I had several travel plans lined up and was optimistic I would find the right bag this time around. Truly, I was!

Of course, I jumped right on Google and searched for the best rated women’s travel backpack. A slew of bags popped up. After a few hours of searching and reading reviews after reviews, I wavered between two bags. Ultimately, I settled on the Pacsafe Women’s Citysafe CX Backpack. I found the best deal on Moosejaw and made my order for the Merlot shade.

I was skeptical about the straps as a number of reviews had mentioned that the straps were too long resulting with the backpack hanging low on the backside. For someone of my petite frame, it was a concern. However, upon receiving the bag and putting it on with trepidation, I found that the straps were perfect! I loved the look, feel and weight of the bag.

The bag has two compartments, one outside zipped pocket and one large zipped wired pocket. The outside pocket is designed with a loop for the zipper to go through as added protection against theft. The pocket itself is your typical one large pocket and two smaller pockets. Within the large zipped wired pocket are four additional smaller pockets. I love that each side of the bag had a pocket for a water bottle or umbrella.

I managed to fit outfits for three days in the large compartment. I was quite happy about that, especially since my tops were all sweaters! Yay! I felt so accomplished 😊

Favorite Features:

  • Wire opening: the wire opening created greater ease for keeping the bag open when removing items from and putting items in the bag.

  • Two step zipper locking system: I was impressed with the easy but effective anti-theft zipper system. The two zippers interlock, nice!

  • Detachable strap: although the straps are not completely removable, one strap can detach from one end so that the backpack can strap around the leg of a table. This is especially convenient when sitting down for a meal. No need to worry that someone will run off with your bag.

  • Strap pocket: when not wearing the bag as a backpack, the straps can be “stored” away. This creates versatility because the reality is, I like to carry my bags at the crook of my elbow when the mood strikes.

Note: for those wondering, yes, the bag is RFID safe. 😊

Overall, I would recommend this bag for anyone looking to travel light. There was enough room for three sweaters, three pairs of jeans, socks, under garments and toiletries. The anti-theft features are great, and the look of the bag is right on point—sleek, simple, stylish!