Pencil Skirt: Six Ways to Wear

Pencil skirts are classic staple pieces for any wardrobe. There’s plenty to love about pencil skirts, not to mention the details that can change the entire look of the skirt. Think: buttons, side slit, back slit, front slit, ruffles, faux wrap, etc. One of the best things about pencil skirts is that it can be dressed up or down. They are an excellent option for work that transition well into happy hour. What’s even better, they’re wonderful for weekend comfort and running errands! For a polished weekend outfit without sacrificing the comfort, try a pull-on knit pencil skirt with a French tucked t-shirt.

For more style inspiration, check out our recommendations below.


  • Pencil skirt with a French tucked thin sweater for the cool temperatures during the summer or swap out the sweater for a t-shirt.

  • Pencil skirt with a button up shirt. Tie the ends of the shirt into a knot at the waist for an effortless chic casual look.

  • Pencil skirt with a tucked in camisole and jean jacket.

Lace pencil skirt with French tucked sweater.

Business Professional

  • Pencil skirt with tucked in blouse.

  • Solid color pencil shirt with a fitted patterned top (we love the classic black pencil skirt with a cheetah print top).

  • Pencil skirt with a tucked in camisole and blazer.

Lace pencil skirt with pussy bow blouse.

Photo credit: Jean L Yang

Makeup credit: Kimberly of Blushin Beauty