Prose Custom Hair Care Review

When I first heard about Prose custom hair care, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Finally, hair care that is curated for me as an individual and not as one of many in the mass-produced market. Steadily over the last several months, my hair was changing. Have you heard that hair changes every seven years? Well, apparently, I was due for a change. My hair was going from manageable, slightly wavy to frizzy, dull and downright unmanageable. It had lost its shine and luster. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get my hair to do what I wanted. My curls were limp and didn’t hold as it used to. I was extremely dissatisfied with my hair and fantasized about shaving it all off. Yep, I was desperate.

In came Prose. Prose uses a waste-free approach that creates made-to-order hair products—hair mask, shampoo and conditioner. Each product is personalized and created based on your responses to their detailed assessment. Prose touts using the highest quality ingredients from around the world, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint when you scroll through a selective list of natural active ingredients.

Photo via Prose

The Assessment

Each new client is treated to a consultation. Expect to take 5-10 minutes to complete your consultation. Even with my thoroughness, I took only seven minutes to complete the consultation. During the consultation, a series of questions are presented. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the questions. For instance, I was asked about:

  • Texture of my hair when it’s allowed to air dry

  • My hair strand thickness: thin, medium, thick

  • How much hair is in my palm when I brush my hand through my hair

  • Condition of my hair: oily, dry, oily roots/dry ends, normal hair

  • Zip code of where I lived

  • My diet

  • My exercise regimen: indoor, outdoor, not at all

  • My hair goals: volume, smooth, curly, shine

The Products

After the completion of my consultation, I was presented with three fragrances to choose from. In addition to their signature fragrance of violet leaf, peony and blue iris, my options included a tropical and a fruity inspired fragrance. I went with the tropical which consisted of jasmine, vanilla and freesia. The fragrance is light and smells wonderful. I would hazard a guess that all their fragrances are light in scent.

I was also presented with the ingredients list for my curated hair care. I love that it’s no mystery what will go into my products. Lastly, I was able to order my curated products at quantities of my choosing. I opted to order one of each: hair mask, shampoo and conditioner. The total came to $88. This may seem steep but if you take into account that the products are made-to-order and personalized, $88 is a fair price.

The Results

Ahh yes, the results. The products work! Within one wash, I noticed that my hair was shiny, smooth, silky and felt lightweight—everything I was looking for. After four weeks of using the products twice per week with the mask once per week as recommended, my hair continued to have noticeable shine and smoothness. I love what Prose has done for my hair. Needless to say, I no longer fantasize about shaving my hair off!