Quick and Easy Way to Get Wrinkles Out

Who here hates to iron clothes? Virtually, my hand is raised. Call it lazy if you will but it’s dreadfully inconvenient to pull out an ironing board, plug in an iron and carefully place my clothes on the board to iron, not to mention choosing the correct setting. I’ve had my clothes burned before. Yes, it’s true. If the iron is too hot for the fabric, it will burn. My poor shirt certainly felt the burn.

For those who hate ironing, try steaming your clothes instead. I’ve been steaming my clothes for the past several years. It’s quicker and easier to handle. I don’t have to worry about using the wrong setting or getting my clothes ruined. There’s no need to spend hundreds on a good fabric steamer. A $25 steamer from Target will work just fine. I’m usually on the go and need to quickly get wrinkles out. The portable steamer I purchased from Target did wonders for the wrinkles on my clothes while keeping money and time on my side. I’ve traveled with my steamer as well because as you know, clothes tend to get wrinkled during transport.

Follow these easy steps to remove wrinkles from your clothes

  1. Hang your blazer, shirt, skirt, dress or pants on a hanger and hang it onto your bath curtain rod. I find the height is perfect for my clothes and is within reach of an outlet for the steamer.

  2. Fill the steamer with water following the instructions for the steamer. Turn on the steamer and once steam starts to produce, hover the steamer over any wrinkles and creases on your clothes.

  3. Once the wrinkles are removed, allow your clothes to cool before putting it on.

  4. Discard any remaining water in the steamer, unplug the steamer and allow it to cool before storing away.

Investing in a steamer has been a time saver for me. For those times when every minute counts, a steamer comes in handy!

Photo via Target