The Most Flattering Bangs for Your Face Shape

If you’re anything like me, you fantasize about getting bangs but are afraid they will turn out to be more of a headache than anything. I’ve had bangs perhaps only twice; however, they never did look as I had envisioned. I never could quite get the effortless side-swept look I longed to have. More often than not, they frizzed or stubbornly clung to my head in the most unattractive way.

Two weeks ago, I threw caution to the spring breeze and chopped off my hair. I gave up at least eight inches of my beloved hair and requested bangs. Eeek, bangs! As you can guess, I went to the stylist with fingers crossed and a healthy dose of apprehension. However, I did not walk in blindly. This is to say I did my research and had pictures with me for reference. Additionally, I asked for the stylist’s expert opinion. Thankfully, I was reassured that the cut I had chosen would complement the shape of my face. Phew! Ladies, research pays off! The end result was a pleasant welcome. I finally have the side-swept bangs I want!

For those thinking of getting bangs but are still not sure, my advice is to do your research and get expert advice from a trusted stylist. One of the two, we’re happy to provide for you. We’ve done the research and found the most flattering cuts for your bangs.

If your face is OVAL

This is the most versatile face shape and luckily, any style of bangs will look great!

Think: Jessica Alba

If your face is ROUND

Choose thick side-swept bangs cut at a deep angle to elongate your face.

Think: Emma Stone

If your face is SQUARE

Choose bangs cut at mid-eyebrow to just below the eyebrow.

Think: Olivia Wilde

If your face is HEART-SHAPED

Choose layered, feathered side-swept bangs.

Think: Reese Witherspoon

If your face is OBLONG

Choose long layered bangs with longer pieces at the sides.

Think: Liv Tyler