ThirdLove Review

Who else is hoarding old bras because they can’t find comfortable bras to purchase? I find myself rotating between three of my favorite bras while keeping a stash of bras I rarely touch. I haven’t been able to re-order my three favorite bras because they have been discontinued. Ugh. I feel as though I’ve been on the lookout for a good bra for years.

After hearing about ThirdLove on numerous social media platforms, I decided to look into it. With 23 styles of bras, including one for nursing mothers, I was optimistic that one would be a good fit for me. Knowing that the majority of women are not wearing the right bra size, and I highly suspected myself as well, I decided to take their fit assessment.

The assessment was straightforward and covered questions such as bra size, brand of your current best fitting bra and how old it is. Other questions such as band size, which hook you use, straps, breast shapes and your height were also asked.

Photo via ThirdLove

After about 60 seconds I received my result, I was 30C. Wait, what?! Me, a C cup? I’ve never worn C cup before. Never. I was skeptical and took the assessment again, changing a few details. Yep, I was 30C.

Based on my result, ThirdLove recommended their classic t-shirt bra, available in 11 colors and cup size A-I, and yes, half sizes too! Interestingly, one of my favorite bras is a t-shirt bra. However, at $68 a bra, it’s more than what I usually spend on a t-shirt bra. I ended up ordering two of their t-shirt bras in 30C and received my purchase within the promised timeframe.

Photo via ThirdLove

What I noticed right away when I tried on my bra was that the straps stayed in place! No more slipping! I felt secured in the bra. I certainly felt that I wouldn’t need to adjust the bra throughout the day. The cup size was perfect. The ultra-thin memory foam padding was just right. My skepticism about C cup was put to rest. The fit of the bra was comfortable if a little tight around the band. However, I understand the band will loosen over time with wear. Lastly, the bra looked good. I wasn’t gaping or spilling over anywhere. By all accounts, it was a well-made bra. The look, feel and fit were great!

The verdict? I’m keeping the bras. I like them well enough to keep them. Would I spend another $68 for another ThirdLove bra? Honestly, I can’t say until I’ve worn the bra for a length of time. However, it’s reassuring to know that the classic t-shirt bra received 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 37,408 reviews. Wow! That’s a lot of reviews for a bra.

If you’re unsure about spending at least $68 on a bra no matter how great the reviews, it’s understandable. I was initially hesitant as well. However, ThirdLove regularly has a special if you bundle. For U.S. orders, shipping on all returns and exchanges is free, within 60 days of purchase. Yay!