What Does it Mean to Wear Red or Pink?

February, the official month of love! This month, we’ll be focusing on how to wear red and pink. Believe it or not, color does have meaning. Additionally, like it or not, others will form their impression of your personality based on the color choice of your clothes. Bottom-line—color matters.

Case in point, red. Red is a powerful color. It is the color of courage, confidence, ambition, power and prestige. Red symbolizes passion, energy and aggression. Yes, it is also true that psychological studies have shown that women who wear red are more attractive to men. The human mind is intriguing, isn’t it?

You don’t crave being the center of attention, you say? No problem. If you are not comfortable wearing a full-on red outfit, consider adding a pop of red such as red shoes, earrings, other red accessories or red lips.

Not comfortable wearing red altogether? Consider pink. Pink, a combination of red and white, tones down the passion of red while preserving the peace and tranquility of white. It symbolizes caring, compassion, love and hope. It is considered the color of universal love for oneself. What’s not to love about that!

Perceived Character Traits of Red: extroverted, optimistic, courageous, confident, ambitious, competitive

Perceived Character Traits of Pink: loving, kind, generous, sensitive to the needs of others, approachable

Two compelling colors, red and pink, should share equal space in any closet. Throughout February, we’ll share tips for how to add red and pink to your outfits. Stay tuned!