Where to Buy Professional Winter Coats

When referring to winter coats, quality over quantity rings true! Investing in a well-made coat will save you both time and money in the long run. Wearing a well-made coat will make you feel and look fabulous. However, finding a well-made coat may be daunting. Not only must you consider fabric, size, fit, style, warmth and longevity of the coat but you must also consider the price.

Case in point:

Fabric: When I envision a well-made coat, I want one that will feel nice against my skin without causing any itch or coarse rubbing. My skin is overly dry during the winter as is; I can do without the itch and coarse rubbing from a coat.

Size, Fit, Style: I am petite, and often, I find that the greater selection of stylish coats come in the smallest size of 0 regular. As you can imagine, size 0 regular is ill-fitted for a petite frame. The sleeves are too long, the armpits too loose and the length too long. What should have been hip length is now thigh length and mid-thigh length to knee length. Let’s not even mention regular midi length on a petite frame. Ugh.

Warmth: What is the point of a winter coat if it can’t keep me warm? I want to be able to wear a thin sweater underneath my winter coat without feeling exposed to the elements.

Longevity: A winter coat should be able to withstand, well, winter—the cold, wind, blizzard conditions, ice, hail, snow, freezing rain, you name it. On top of that, it should be good for more than one season.

Price: Let’s be honest, no one wants to break the bank investing in a winter coat. However, traversing on the side of cheap will also cost you. Consider investing between $150-$300 and you should be able to find a suitable coat.

Ugh, sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it?

Enter J. Crew

What don’t I like about J. Crew coats? Nothing. I love the fabrics, sizes, fit, styles, warmth, longevity, prices and colors.

Fabric: It’s typical to find their coats made of Italian boiled wool which has the appearance of a tighter, felt-like material and Italian stadium-cloth wool which adds the warmth without the bulk.

Size and Fit: As for sizes, most coats come in classic, tall or petite. I love that! The petite fit hits all the right lengths and my armpits aren’t loose or begging for air.

Style: You can find classic styles to more trendy styles. Faux fur or no fur. Hooded or no hood. Belted or no belt.

Warmth: J. Crew fabrics are specifically selected to add warmth without feeling bulky. I can’t complain about that!

Longevity: See my personal note below.

Price: Prices can range from $228 to $528. Tip: If you’re hesitant to spend more than $125, wait until there’s a sale. You can typically find coats at 30-50% off this time of the year.

Colors: Lastly, the colors. From guava pink to royal cobalt, it’s easy to fall in love with the color selection.

On a personal note, I have a J. Crew coat that’s seven years old, and it still looks fabulous! No pilling or fading. The coat has retained its shape well over the years. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look!

My Seven-Year-Old J. Crew Coat

Here are a couple of my favorites this season! Word of warning, J. Crew coats go fast!

Daphne Topcoat in Italian Boiled Wool

Photo via J. Crew Daphne Topcoat in Italian Boiled Wool

Long Double-Breasted Topcoat in Wool-Cashmere

Photo via J. Crew Long Double-Breasted Topcoat in Wool-Cashmere